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Dive SitesPN

Here are some brief about dive sites around the Nungwi.

Tumbatu Island

Tumbatu Island is the nicest soft and hard coral gardens in North Zanzibar. The reef starts at three (3) meters and dropps down to twelve (12) meters deep. This place is very nice for Snorkelers and even Beginner Diver

Also Tumbatu you can find many of Turtles – leaf Fish – Octopuses – Scorpion Fish – Moray Eels and Nudibranchs.


This is the best dive site in Nungwi, usually having great visibility.

Hunga and Nankiville lay next to each other on a flat bottom covered with corals. The reef in Hunga is 16 meters deep while Nankiville is 12 meters. Both dive sites are big circles covered with great and colorful variety of corals.

Often you can find shoals of Barracuda – snappers – Sweet lips – Unicorns as well as individual Napoleons or Groupers. And also If you look at the sand in between the rocks you are sure to find Crocodile Fish / Scorpion Fish.


Some time we call it The Turtle House

Mbwangawa’s slopes goes down from 8 to 18 meters.

Drifting along it, you will find great brain corals, big variety of soft corals, spectacular areas of Plate Corals and lots of tropical fish. At the bottom of the slope, the reef end on a flat sandy area where it is very common to see Sting Rays – Guitar Fish – Blue Spotted Rays.

Magic Reef

The Magic Reef lays between 12 to 20 meters and it is magical.

Magic Reef is great for photographer divers. You (diver) cannot swim for more than few meters on this reef without stopping to have a closer look at something unique.

If you swim slow enough and look close enough you will find on every dive: Sea Horses – colorful Leaf Fish – Scorpion Fish – Frog Fish – Mantis Shrimp – Octopuses – Moray Eels – Mauritius Scorpion – Nudibranchs – Crocodile Fish- Cleaner Shrimp and Turtle.

Leven Bank

Leven Bank is a sea mountain in open ocean which has a slops from 12 to 55 meters. Due to often strong currents, we recommend this dive to experienced divers only.

This site is a home to a great diversity of corals – nudibranchs – big honeycomb moray eels.

Mnemba Atoll Marine Pack

Mnemba Atoll is the most famous Conservation area in Zanzibar. Its Visibility in usually great with an average of 10 to 30 meters.

Mnemba is famous for encounters with Green Turtles and Common Dolphins. For some reason Mnemba Dolphins really like our dive boat, the Explorer. They often tend to swim right next to it, and so allowing us to jump in the water to snorkel with them.

You can take some great photos of Mnemba Island while we are on the way back . If you made a choice to dive on Zanzibar, Never miss Mnemba Atoll

Big Wall

Big Wall is located at the east side of Mnemba Atoll in Open Ocean and therefore often makes Big Wall a great drift dive.
Only Advanced divers only can dive on this wall, due to its starting depth.

A perfect vertical wall dropping from 18 to 55 meters with many overhangs and small caves to explore. Very often you can spot Green Turtles – Tunas – Rainbow Runners – Rays – Napoleons – Groupers – Lobsters.