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  • I have done two dives with Ismail as a dive master at Mnemba atoll. Ismail was patient and guided me well through out my dive. This guy is amazing and didn’t imagine getting an outstanding services from this new dive center

  • Mnemba and Tumbatu is good place for diving! You can reach both from here, Nungwi! And this Dream Diving Center is perfect base for that. Reasonable price, kind people and it runs by local!!! How wonderful it is! Thank you guys and hope you do well! I’ll make blog or something when I come back to my home that let the Koreans knows your center.

  • It was a pleasure to meet the Dream Diving team at Nungwi. We went snorkeling at Tumbatu and found the experience to be wonderful and professional. The prices are fair and all the members are kind. I would highly recommend their services. Thanks guys and keep up the great work.

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