The Team


Ismail Makame Haji

This father of 4 is the backbone of this venture. Ismail is our most experienced diver and could probably guide you around the reefs in his sleep. Diving takes up most of his time, but the hours he’s not working he spend studying or watching a game of football. Obviously cheering for Manchester City & The Zanzibar Heroes!!



Juma Diver

Juma Mussa

Juma went from a life On the surface of the sea to a life Under the surface of the sea. He served 10 years as a fisherman on a boat but has for the last 3 years been a dedicated full-time diver. He’s now a Dive Master in training and Ismails right hand. His excellent physic is thanks to playing football, volleyboll and hours at the gym.




Juma “James” Haji

The tech-guy. In charge of back-office and merchandise. He keeps us online and up to date and is always eager to take on new challenges. When he’s not busy with the tasks of Dreams Diving Center he’s running his own business in design/creating logos printing and advertisement.




Hamis “Spider-Man” Simba Tano

Professional Captain for over 16 years. Hamis will navigate you through the waves safely and can handle every thing from a small sailing-boat to the large dhows. Why is he called spider-man? Ask and you’ll hear all about it! When Hamis is not taming the sea you’ll find him relaxing in a hammock watching TV.




Haji Mjaka

Assistent Captain and valued crew-member. Before he started working with us he was the captain of a local fishing-boat for more than 16 years. He’s got a sure hand and a stable foot and he always gives help where help is needed.